Mad in Motherhood

Learning how to embrace our crazy beautiful lives. . . without going mad along the way


So, I guess I’m a Blogger

I’ve never really gotten into the whole Blogging phenomenon. I tried Xanga once – yikes, I feel old – but I found that my thoughts as a college freshman really weren’t all that spectacular.  Words fumbling around the screen with little direction or motive. Even today, I am that person who proof’s their Facebook posts at least 7 times hoping they are grammatically correct or incorrect in a socially acceptable way because my high school English teacher is now a friend and may read what I post. But I just embrace the incorrectness and ask for forgiveness. I have also never enjoyed reading other peoples blogs… until recently. When I became a stay at home momma of two.

My oldest (we’ll call her Cutie Pie), a very comical, loving, knock your socks off two year old with Shirley Temple spunk has Hydrocephalus. I should say mild hydrocephalus. The mild part is the important part. The doctors caught this during pregnancy, so for 3 years now we have been monitoring her closely to determine if she needs a shunt or not. I praise God, that she hasn’t had any major issues so far – other than not being able to pull a normal size shirt over her head – but she has had a ton of tests, procedures, exams, and specialists following her. So you can imagine, my reading material for the last 3 years has revolved around Medical Journals and Websites.


Dr. Cutie Pie

Then, along came my youngest (we’ll call her Miss Squeals A lot), also very spunky, sweet, & entertaining but throw in a little extra sass and determination. While pregnant with Miss Squeals A Lot, I found myself longing for other mommas to walk this road with me. Surely, I wasn’t the only one to feel like I don’t have a clue as to what I’m doing with these two little humans. I have a psychology degree and nearly 10 years of experience caring for children, yet it seems that none of that has prepared me for this. I know all about what the books say, but guess what… scholarly wisdom doesn’t apply to every child, in every situation, ever!

Miss Squeals A Lot… currently not squealing because my coffee table is in her mouth

Miss Squeals A Lot… currently not squealing because my coffee table is in her mouth

So, there I was, holding Miss Squeals A Lot and sitting in a puddle of spit up and cheerios, feeling lost in the madness with Cutie Pie hovering over me asking “You OK Mommy, You OK??” when I turned to the wonderful land of Blogs. Enough with the textbooks, give me some real insight, please. Enter Jen Hatmaker and the funniest Blog entry ever. I laughed until I cried. Seriously. After just that one entry I felt like she and I were life long BFFs (to which I may refer to her as from time to time). I was so grateful to hear someone else share their story of crazy, beautiful chaos and couldn’t help but see myself as THAT parent. I thought my current state of pandemonium was a phase that would pass. Turns out, its called Motherhood – and it’s absolutely amazing – but was not going to vaporize anytime soon. I was at that place of going mad, getting mad, making other (small) people mad; when I heard God say, “Snap out of it, woman! You don’t have to do this alone. I’m here.  Your BFF Jen is here. And lots of others too.” Hmmm. How bout them apples?! I’m not alone or crazy. I should add here that I have an incredible husband by my side – I may refer to him as My Stud Muffin in the future – and our parents have been invaluable in lending a helping hand – I never dreamed so many different people would be folding my underwear!

I began to immerse myself in Blogs and articles geared towards parenting and motherhood and being a better wife. As I continued to absorb the wisdom of my fellow mommas and began to let go of some of my expectations and demands, I noticed that I was finding joy in the midst of my madness and I wasn’t the only one. You know the saying, ‘If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy’? Well, there’s truth to that, Except replace ‘happy’ with ‘content’ or ‘joyful’ and make it ‘If Momma ain’t CHOOSING to be ______________…’ fill in the adjective that fits best.

My hope here is to compile my thoughts and impart the wisdom (gained from experience) on to other challenged Mommas. And also point you toward some of my favorite bloggers and articles. You know that other phrase, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’? Also true. And by ‘village’ I mean a whole collection of friends, family members, and BFFs whom you acquire via Blog posts!

This is it. It’s official. As soon as I hit that magic little button labeled ‘Publish’, I’m a Blogger. Or something 🙂