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The following Apps have been tested by Little Cutie and approved by yours truly!
Some of them require an up front or an in-app purchase, but I have found the splurge to be well worth it.


Apps Gone Free
A daily selection of apps that are free for a limited time.
I scored several of the following favorites from here!

APPS.Baby sign Pro

Baby Sign Pro
A large base of vocabulary for teaching Baby Sign Language complete with demonstration and flashcards


An adorable artsy app that records both the image and the sounds as your kiddo creates a masterpiece. The topical templates helps get their creative juices flowing.

APPS.Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet
These adorable monsters teach letter recognition, phonetics, and vocabulary in this puzzle/game. After the letters are in place, they act out the definition of the word.
New words added periodically.

APPS. Ellie's TV

Ellie’s TV
A variety of preschool programs approved by ‘Ellie’s dad’ set up in the format of a Youtube channel for your little show surfers

APPS. Photo Buttons

Photo Buttons by Software Smoothie
Despite the terrible graphics on this icon, this app is wonderful! The child taps the screen to make a button appear. Then when they tap the button, a picture with coordinating sound appears. It is loaded with pictures and sounds and you can add your own too. This is great for learning vocabulary and recognizing friends and family members.

APPS.Aquarium Letters

Aquarium Letters
Bright colors and animation are used in teaching the alphabet to toddlers.
Each letter has multiple (simple) steps to work through including; building the letter, building an image representing the letter, and matching puzzle pieces also representing the letter.

APPS.Beck and Bo

Beck and Bo
This is another cute puzzle game similar to an animated felt board concept. There are over 10 scenes with a different activity or task inside each one.


The Beginners Bible
This one has gotten a little pricey, but still worth it. This is a wonderful interactive Bible app for little ones. Each story pack comes with 6 stories and includes animated pages and activities within each story. The story packs cost $1.99 each, but I have gotten a few of them for free via the email newsletter. This one also, takes up a lot of space once you
add multiple Story Packs.

APPS.Elmo Loves ABCs

Elmo Loves ABCs
Learn the alphabet with everyone’s favorite adorably furry red little monster. First your child will trace the uppercase and lower case letter to unlock 3 animations representing the letter. Then they can choose to color the images or uncover the hidden images. There is also a more advanced letter matching game and a few ABC music videos. I thought that was all great, and then I found out you can add your own pictures/videos too = totally awesome 🙂

APPS.A-Z Music Videos from

A-Z Music Videos from
We got this one for free as members of the educational program and I think it’s awesome! It has a really cute/catchy music video for every letter of the alphabet. Each time you watch a video, you earn tickets that you save up to buy more videos(A-Z). I was shocked to see so many bad reviews for this one! We downloaded all the videos at once and haven’t had any trouble with any of them. (Some) people seem to be having an issue when they add new videos, but perhaps they have updated the program and fixed that problem now.


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