Mad in Motherhood

Learning how to embrace our crazy beautiful lives. . . without going mad along the way


MAD : /mad/ adjective : in a frenzied mental or physical state

Life with little ones can be down right crazy sometimes, things are constantly getting spilled, lost, and demolished. The small humans in your presence scream out your name almost as if its a required part of their ability to breathe. You may experience toddler knock down-dragouts and tantrums that you could record and sell to the WWF as training videos. You repeat yourself at least a thousand times a day…. And if you’re really sinking into the role, you forget nearly everything. But don’t fret. Those sweet babies will be sure to remind you of their requests (aka demands without ransom) over and over again. Yes, Life can be crazy, but it can also be incredible! I am learning that as I let go of my need for control, lower my expectations, and remember my limitations that life is less chaotic and even (dare I say) delightful! I need constant reminders of this – as in But, I am getting better.


A sunny day + smelly (shy) Giraffes =
Not a great photo of any of us, but I adore it.

God didn’t design Motherhood to be anything less than a joyful blessing, although he certainly understands the pain and challenges that come along with it. He wants us to thrive in Motherhood, not wither. I believe that His plan was for us to fully rely on Him as we live in community and encourage (and challenge) one another.  Hopefully, this blog will take you through some of the crazy adventures of myself and other moms and show you how to appreciate your crazy chaotic maddening BEAUTIFUL, God-orchestrated family and fall MADly in love with them again an again.
Lets walk this journey together, Momma.

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